Our Share the Love Campaign is a response to COVID – 19 and it aims to reach out in love and offer support to our community and the wider community. We hope to deliver vital services to the most vulnerable in our community as well as to those in need of practical and pastoral help. If you need help or want to help others, please get in touch below.

Since the rise of COVID 19, we as a church believe we are called for this moment in time, to reach out in love and offer support to our communities. Through this campaign, we hope to practically show love to those around us. This includes reaching out to those in our church community who are isolated, vulnerable and ill; those from the wider community; and to our own ‘neighbours’.

We hope to do this by:

  • Sustaining regular contact with those who are less connected into our church family,
  • Assisting those who are unwell, or at high risk of falling unwell
  • Supporting families with children and youth isolated in homes
  • Offering technological support for individuals in engaging with online church, kids and youth programs

We are seeking well and able individuals to join our volunteer HELPforce, willing to serve in any of the above areas.

And for all of us, we ask you to consider How can we LOVE our neighbours?

Need Help?

If you are isolated or unwell and need some practical assistance, please get in touch below and we will respond as soon as we can.

Call: (02) 4969 5557
Email: hello@grainery.org.au
Prayer: prayer@grainery.org.au

Can Help!

We as the church have a great opportunity to love and support ‘our neighbour’, to help and serve those in need.

If you would like to become a PHONE FRIEND, assist with shopping, create or deliver prayer care packages or take away meals get in touch by emailing hello@grainery.org.au

Social Distancing

It is of paramount importance to us that the safety and wellbeing of our staff, volunteers and those who we are assisting is our top priority. Protocols have been written up and In everything that we do in this season, we will be closely following and adhering to at all times the most up-to-date advice from the Australian Government and the Medical Chief Authorities.