We have built the building, now let’s build the city.

Since launching the Gideon project in 2015 we as a church have raised more than $366,330 over and above tithes in fundraising for our new building. The evidence of the Gideon Project funds coming in was a factor in demonstrating to the bank our ability to service the loan which in turn enabled us to purchase Steel River. Together we have achieved this amazing thing.

Here we are in a facility which is such a blessing to our church community. But we don’t want to now start to become introspective, we have been blessed with a facility to reach the city.

In the story of Nehemiah, we see that God’s people were mobilised to rebuild the city walls of Jerusalem. As we build God’s Kingdom, we need to work together. Taking on the notion of Nehemiah we are launching the Nehemiah project. Our desire is that we can all band together in paying down the loan of the church building and freeing up tithe funds to be used in outreach opportunities.

If every member of our church gave one unit of $10/week we would have our loan paid in 5 years.

Your ongoing commitment to be involved in the Nehemiah Project by committing to $10/week will enable all of us as The Grainery to reach further and do more in this city which we have been called to.

If we can take on the responsibility of paying for the house we can then be free to help others who are in need of the support of our church community.

Bank Details
Name: The Grainery Christian Network
BSB: 650-300
Account: 9658 48518