Safe Church Framework Overview

The Safe Church Framework (Framework) forms part of our church’s ongoing commitment to be a safe place for all people, including to safe physical, emotional and spiritual environments.

This commitment is part of our vision and mission to operate according to biblical and Christian principles, recognising the unique value and potential of every person.

It is designed to ensure that all persons associated with our church fulfil their:

  • pastoral,
  • legal,
  • organisational, and
  • duty of care obligations
    with the aim of providing God-honouring, life-giving, harm-free ministry.

The Framework

  • Takes into account the 10 National Principles for Child Safe Organisations2018 and 10 Child Safe Standards in NSW along with other relevant┬álegislation (see Appendix)
  • Forms part of our operational documentation
  • Will be implemented by all workers (paid and volunteer) of our church, acknowledging that safety is a shared responsibility
  • We are committed to clearly communicating relevant aspects of the Framework to all those associated with our church.