Grainery Kids Online

Grainery Kids is now online! Scroll down to catch up on this weeks lessons for our different groups – Sprouts & Treehouse, Elevate and Rookies. We also have loads of Extra Kids content, a Mums & Kids Podcast and incredible resources from our Mainly Music friends! Don’t forget to send us photos of where your enjoying ‘KIDS’ from!

Click below for the Parent Guide & Devotionals for Sprouts & Treehouse:

Sprouts & Treehouse | Parent Guide | May 24th

Sprouts & Treehouse | Devotional | May 24th

Click below for the Parent Guide, Devotionals, Helpful link card & Activities for Elevate:

Elevate | Parent Guide | May 24th

Elevate | Devotional | Kinder – Year 1 | May 24th

Elevate | Devotional | Year 2 – 3 | May 24th

Click below for the Devotionals & Activities for Rookies:

Rookies | Parent Guide | May 24th

Rookies | Devotional | May 24th