Muko Clinic

The medical clinic in Muko, Uganda launched by the Grainery has been providing free medical services to the community under the accreditation of the local government.
Members of the community are able to visit the clinic and receive:
• General Outpatient Services
• Antenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women
• Immunisations for children
• Delivery of babies

The addition of the clinic to this community has had an enormous impact on the health of a community who otherwise would not have access to these vital health services.

At the moment, they are looking to improve their facilities and employ more staff so they can receive a higher level of accreditation and therefore provide more services to the public, meaning that local villagers won’t have to travel to the distant regional hospital, as travel to the larger district hospital is on rough roads and can take hours. By committing to paying a month, a few months, or a year of the salary of the medical staff required at the clinic, we will be helping to provide the vital health services so desperately needed in Muko.

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Commonwealth Bank BSB 062-814
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Text “Muko” to 0481 071 621 and follow the prompts

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