Board of Elders

  • Ian Easton - Chairperson

  • Edna Dobson

  • Asher Morrison

  • Sue Irwin

  • Paul Nixon

  • Hannah Wellham

  • Suzanne Sutherland

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Sue Irwin - Senior Pastor

I believe God is calling us to display His power and His love in an unprecedented way. He is calling us on a journey of faith together to become a place of light, of hope, of power and of influence. I see us becoming a church of imports and exports- training and equipping people to bring transformation to every aspect of society and bringing people from other places in so they can be equipped and encouraged. I see us presenting the gospel in innovative and creative ways and seeing many people discover that life in Christ is very real and is in fact the desire of the heart of every person on the planet.

I see our church as a place of joy and that joy is our strength. In our church people will increasingly encounter the love of the Father who unites the family as one, who sees the potential in each unique person and releases that potential by the power of His Spirit into a world that is waiting for the children of God to rise up and be all we are created to be.

The church is not a building. It’s actually a house made of unique individuals, children of God, who together become a dwelling place where God lives by His Spirit.

I would love to invite you to join us here at The Grainery Church.

Ps Sue.

Our Leadership

Ian Easton

Chairperson | Board of Elders

Stuart Brown

Campus and Worship | Pastor

Anna Borzestowski

Pastoral Care & Church Engagement

Kerith Weld

Kids, Safe Church, Events, Cafe | Pastor

Lynn McAtamney

HR & Strategy | Lead

Sam Paul Pilli

VIPs, Youth, Mens, Volunteers | Pastor

Our People

Lindy Connett

EA & Special Events

Phil and Vicki Cosgrove

Maitland Campus | Pastor

Angela McPherson

Discipleship & Prayer | Pastor

John Crawford

Discipleship & Worship | Assistant Pastor

Marissa Peterson

Kids | Newcastle Campus Pastor

Ruth Errington

Kids | Newcastle Campus Assistant Pastor

Rachel Baker

Young Adults | Pastor

Britt & Matt Darvas

Mission & Justice | Pastors

Shelby Schneider

Youth | Pastor

James Chapman

Youth | Pastor

Hana Ginters

Youth | Assistant

Josh Moore

Youth and Worship | Assistant

Anna Barnes

Media & Communications Manager

Matt Peterson

Technical & Production Director

Richard Rule

Building and Finance Team Lead

Neil Sutherland

Finance Manager

Kynie Durbin

Office Manager

Andrew Kalokerinos

Office Assistant

Iain Barson

Podcast Editor

Geoff McHugh

General Assistant

Matt Nichols

Grainery Care | Manager & Pastor

Meg Lamb

Grainery Care | Centre Manager

Corinne Atcheson

Grainery Care | Ministry Assistant

Jenyfer Locke

Grainery Care | Ministry Assistant