GO. DO. | Youth Camp 2020

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Come follow Me.
Matthew 4:19



Andy, is Youth Pastor at The Grainery. He’s an anointed worship leader with a genuine passion for Christ that leads others into the presence of God. Andy loves to see young people understand their true value in Christ and discover a life of fullness only found in Jesus.

Rachael is also Youth Pastor at The Grainery Church. She’s passionate to see young people discover who they are in Christ & be empowered to reach their potential. Rach’s joyful & peaceful personality inspires freedom wherever she goes.


Connect groups are an integral part of growing in community, learning to grow together in faith, having a group of people you can rely on and becoming someone that others can rely on as well. Learning commitment is a very healthy part of growing up. Connect groups are the fabric of our entire church at The Grainery. These groups are small communities of people that meet in houses to study the bible, pray and encourage one-another in each individual’s journey to know Jesus more. These groups are organized into loose age-groups and our team are focused on finding the best group for your child. Grainery Youth connect groups are run by two or more leaders who are a part of our Young Adults group at church.

Gathering from 7-9pm. These nights are intended to be fun and aim to build community through games, worship, teaching, prayer and ministry.
Each week our youth hear teaching from our youth team and broader church family. As we connect with God through worship and serve one another in community, our group all experience the love of God in an authentic and tangible way. These nights often have special themes, great challenges and other fun elements, focusing on knowing God, following Jesus in our lives and influencing our world.

We recognize that across the spectrum of high school aged students, we have those who are pre-pubescent children, right up to young men and women who can drive and vote and go to the pub. We understand that there are certain issues that need to be addressed at an age appropriate level. A few times every term we replace our regular program with Juniors (Years 7-9) and Seniors (Years 10-12) gathering in two different locations for a night with a bit of a different flavour. We’ve seen amazing growth in our young people as we teach, discuss, and invest into more specific age groups.

We recognize that there are particular topics that are pertinent to guys or girls so throughout the year we have a number of evenings during the term, in place of normal youth, to cater for these needs. We target topics that speak specifically into the lives of young men and women. By creating space for discussion and discipleship, we see our young people stepping into men and women that they are called to be. These nights are powerfully transforming and significant moments in the life and faith of every young person.