Grainery Youth

Grainery Youth believes in the power of Jesus to release us into a transformed life of freedom, abundance, and joy! We come together as a Youth Ministry each week to grow closer together as a family and closer to Jesus personally. We believe that every person, no matter their age, is gifted and called to bring the light of Christ into the world and we desire that Grainery Youth would be a platform for young people to discover their calling and be involved in sharing the greatest love ever known.


Jesus is the King of Kings and yet He chooses with every new dawn to give Himself to us freely. There is no cost to His love, no conditions to His grace, no fee attached to His forgiveness. He is freedom in every sense of the word. It is into His wild, unbound freedom that our King calls us. It is LIFE and LIFE in its fullness that He promises.
Turn, leave death behind, and run towards Jesus – the Way, the Truth, the Life. Don’t look back, the adventure lies before you.

Will you take Him at His Word?
Will you follow His call?

The decision is yours.

Grainery Youth: Years 7-12
Event: Grainery Youth Summer Camp 2021
Dates: 2nd – 5th January
Location: Glenrock Scout Camp, Whitebridge

Early bird rego (ENDING 10TH NOV): $150 (2nd and subsequent children, $140)
Standard rego: $180 (2nd and subsequent children, $170)
Add-on an exclusive GO.DO. Beanie for $17! Limited Edition!




Watch as Zac, Mia, Andy & Jerre sacrifice their bodies (and stomaches) for your enjoyment.

Enjoy as they gain an extra 100kgs each, whilst answering your tough questions.

Practice: The Presence

Are there times when you sense the distance between you and God? Are there times when you find it hard to hear His voice?

The Bible makes clear that our God is never distant but sometimes, as humans, we forget to makes ourselves present before God.

Join us for our new YouTube devotional series – ’Presence: The Practise’ – as we explore the practices that are integral to entering into and abiding in the all-encompassing, unrelenting presence of the Lord.

Download our Latest Devotionals here:


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